The Book of Luce

Hardcover publication date announced: 10 August 2017

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A little video with “music”

click for video:  Improvisation: Out of tune in an empty house

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Hardcover publication of FATE, the second in the Time and Light series, brought forward to July 2012!

Date to be announced:

Hungarian edition of Farundell to be published

Date to be announced:

audio book of Farundell to be released

April 14, 2011:

FARUNDELL paperback published

April 7, 2011:

L.R. Fredericks reading from FARUNDELL at Waterstone’s Piccadilly as part of the Authors’ Club First Novel Award shortlist.

March 2011:

FARUNDELL short-listed for the Authors’ Club first novel award.

August 2010:

FARUNDELL hardcover published.