The Book of Luce

Rock star.



Who is Luce?

Luce knows what you’re thinking and feeling.
Luce can kill you or bring you back from the dead.
Luce can blow your mind with a look, a touch, a kiss.
Once you’ve met Luce, nothing will ever be the same.

Was Luce a man or a woman? Human or divine?
A genetic quirk, an avatar or merely the greatest artist who ever lived?
Luce went by many names and wore many masks.
I am the one Luce called The Scribe, the one chosen to tell the story.
I am the only one who knows the truth.
This is the truth.
This is The Book of Luce.

The quest for Luce led me to the farthest corners of the earth and into the deadliest danger. I lost everything and everyone I loved … except for Luce.

My obsession began in the magical year 1967, at Luce and the Photons’ legendary last secret gig. That night changed my life: I had to know who Luce was. But the deeper I dug, the more questions I turned up. Was Luce a rock star or a pretender? A genius or an acid trip? My redemption … or my delusion?

Drawn into the machinations of mysterious powers, I became the dark shadow who followed the light of Luce. But who followed me? Were they agents of evil or figments of my imagination? And do they follow me still?